Shiv Sena accuses police of waiting for something untoward to happen.

Jammu : Shiv Sena (UBT) Jammu-Kashmir unit has expressed concern over the security of party state leaders in the highly sensitive Jammu-Kashmir and has accused the police department of treating them step-motherly and waiting for something untoward to happen.

In a press conference held today at the party’s state central office, state chief Manish Sahni said that the countdown for the assembly elections in Jammu-Kashmir has begun. To affect this, the puppet terrorist organizations active in Jammu-Kashmir at the behest of Pakistan have intensified their activities. Sahni said that being a party with a Hindu ideology, our leaders always fear something untoward during party promotion and meetings.

Many applications have been made to all the high officials including the DGP of Jammu-Kashmir Police Department regarding the security of the party state leaders.  He said that the leaders of some political parties formed overnight are given Z plus security, but no party leader including the state head of the 6 decade old Shiv Sena (UBT) has even a single PSO.

Sahni said that this kind of working of the police towards the opposition parties forces one to think that efforts are being made to influence the publicity of the party under a well-planned strategy.Sahni said that our voice against terrorism, narco terror and Rohingya and restoration of the rights of the sons of the soil cannot be suppressed. Advising the Jammu and Kashmir Police Department to stay away from politics, Sahni has demanded adequate security to the political parties active in the terrorism affected Jammu and Kashmir.