S. Manjit Singh seeks attention of LG towards dilapidated condition of roads at Meen Charkan, Bari Brahmana.

Samba : Apni Party Provincial President, Jammu, and Former Minister, S. Manjit Singh today expressed deep concern over the dilapidated condition of road infrastructure at Meen Charkan area of Bari Brahmana.

The Former Minister, S. Manjit Singh visited Meen Charkan area and met the people there to listen to their grievances that remain unheard from the authorities.

During his interaction with the people, he was shocked to see the dilapidated condition of road and other infrastructure in Meen Charkan that remained unrepaired for years together.

“The road has been completely washed away by the flash flood because the drains are not maintained or not constructed in many areas. It appears the concerned department has turned blind eyes towards the public issues and give no heed to improve the infrastructural development in the area that is affected adversely,” he said.

He said that the people were deeply concerned with the adamant attitude of the authorities to portray development in newspapers but on ground, the development seems nowhere.

“I visited many villages in Bari Brahmana, and Meen Charkan. All these villagers were facing underdevelopment, poorly maintained roads with huge potholes, and stones in the middle of the damaged roads that require urgent attention of the authorities,” he stated.

He further said that the people are tired of the administration that is inefficient, and avoids public interaction on a regular basis.

“The working of the administration has collapsed in the district, and there is no accountability to the officials who do not give heed to the public grievances,” he added.

He however demanded the attention of the Lt Governor Manoj Sinha to review the developmental works in Samba District and hold the concerned departments accountable for the negligence.

Meanwhile, he also raised the unclean drinking water that is being supplied to the people through the taps. The water needs clinical testing as it has caused health related issues in Bari Brahmana