Mula Ram, Uday Chib criticize Govt’s inaction on crucial issues affecting Jammu people.

Jammu: Senior Congress leaders has strongly criticized the present dispensation for its apparent lack of concern in addressing crucial issues affecting the everyday lives of people in the region.

In a Congress workers’ meeting held at Neter Kothain, which covers Ward No. 65 and 67 in the Jammu North Assembly segment, Former Minister and Senior Vice President of JKPCC, Mula Ram Ji, along with Uday Bhanu Chib, National General Secretary of the Indian Youth Congress (IYC), and Hari Singh Chib, Vice President of JKPCC, expressed their dissatisfaction with the government’s performance and rallied support for the upcoming elections. They extended their gratitude to the workers for their support and the lead they provided from their polling booths during the recently conducted Lok Sabha elections in Jammu and Kashmir. They also appealed for continued support during the forthcoming Assembly and local body elections.

In his address, Mula Ram highlighted the severe hardships faced by the people of Jammu region due to the non-availability of regular power and water supply amidst an extreme heatwave. He criticized the government for installing smart meters with the promise of providing 24×7 power supply but the government has failed to provide regular water and power supplies to general public. “The whole of Jammu region is suffering due to the non-availability of power and water amidst an extreme heatwave,” Mula Ram said.

The former minister assured the participants that the Congress Party if voted to power in the upcoming Assembly elections will replace the Smart Meters with traditional ones. Additionally, he promised that the party would oppose the implementation of water smart meters and the imposition of property taxes, which have been causing distress among the residents.

Mula Ram i also praised the efforts of Uday Bhanu Chib and Hari Singh Chib in strengthening the Congress Party in the Jammu North Assembly.

Uday Chib, in his address, emphasized that unemployment is at its peak in Jammu and Kashmir, and the soaring prices of essential commodities have exacerbated the struggles of common people. He criticized the government for its apparent lack of concern in resolving these crucial issues, which are affecting the everyday lives of the residents. “The government seems indifferent to the problems faced by the people. Unemployment is rampant, and the rising prices of essential goods are making life difficult for everyone,” he said.

Hari Singh Chib, Vice President of JKPCC, appealed to the people of Jammu region to support the Congress Party in the upcoming Assembly and Local Body Elections. He emphasized that the Congress Party is dedicated to addressing the residents’ concerns and improving their quality of life. He highlighted the need for a government that listens to the people and acts on their behalf, rather than burdening them with taxes and failing to provide essential services. By supporting the Congress Party, Hari Singh Chib assured the attendees that they would be choosing a party committed to solving their problems and ensuring a better future for all residents in the region.

Among those who were present in the meeting include Romesh Singh, Som Nath Sharma, Parshotam Singh, Surinder Kumar Bhagat, Jung Bahadur Singh, Pummy Manhas, Kaka Ram, Madan Singh Chib, Amit, Joginder, Ashwani Kumar, Fakir Chand former Sarpanch, Harbans Lal, Neeta Chib, Kamal Singh, Raj Kumar Bhagat, S Rashpal Singh, Toshi Devi, Sham Lal, Ram Dhan, Pawan Kumar Bhagat and Ramesh Singh