Kavinder Gupta, Arun urge Union Minister Gadkari to establish Katra–Delhi Expressway as vital trade link for Jammu.

Seek modification of proposed RCC Wall Structure in Interest of Jammu’s trader community.

Kavinder Gupta, senior BJP leader and former Deputy Chief Minister and chamber of commerce representatives today held a crucial meeting with Union Minister of Roads, Transport and National Highways, Nitin Gadkari in Srinagar to discuss the proposed design of the RCC Wall structure for the Katra-Amritsar-Delhi Expressway flyover passing from Narwal to Sainik Colony, seeking modification of the proposed RCC Wall structure with Pier and Grider Wall structure.

In the meeting, President of Chamber Of Commerce and Industries Arun Gupta, Vice President Anil Gupta, Vikram Randhawa former MLC and Sham Langer Convener BJP Trade Cell accompanied the former deputy Chief Minister.At the beginning of the meeting, Jammu Chamber President Arun Gupta elaborated on the importance of the expressway’s design. He emphasized that the stretch from Kunjwani onwards should be flyover-based on pillars due to its dense urban setting. This area encompasses schools, hospitals, local markets, shops, malls, banquet halls, the main fruit and vegetable markets, transport hub, ISBT bus stand, and new railway station platforms. Arun Gupta pointed out that the proposed blind wall structure would adversely affect these establishments and impede the free movement of people. He stressed that as the prime entrance point to Jammu City, this area’s development cannot be compromised.

Kavinder Gupta emphasized the need for modifying the proposed RCC Wall structure to incorporate a Pier and Grider Wall structure. He highlighted that this modification is crucial to address the concerns raised by the trader community of Jammu, who view the expressway as a pivotal trade link for the region.The former deputy Chief Minister articulated the strategic significance of the expressway in enhancing connectivity and facilitating economic growth in Jammu. He stressed that the adoption of a Pier and Grider Wall structure aligns better with the commercial interests and future development aspirations of the region.

Giving a patient hearing, the Union Minister Nitin Gadkari affirmed that necessary instructions would be promptly issued to the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI), acknowledging the sensitivity of the issue and pledged to prioritize the interests of the public, particularly the trader community in Jammu.