Microsoft hosts Technical Session on AI and Azure Technologies for Engineering Students of SMVDU.

Microsoft’s India Development Center (IDC) in Noida, India, recently hosted a groundbreaking technical session in partnership with the SMVDU Tech Community. The session aimed to empower engineering students with advanced insights into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Azure technologies, fostering innovation and industry collaboration. As the largest Microsoft R&D center in India, the IDC serves as a dynamic workspace driving digital innovation. Diverse teams collaborate within its walls, focusing on Cloud and AI, Experiences and Devices Group, Microsoft Digital teams, and gaming, to propel technological advancements. Led by Lakshit Pant, Program Manager – Reskill, along with seasoned Microsoft professionals, the session featured interactive discussions, hands-on demonstrations, and insightful Q&A sessions. 60 engineering students from SMVDU had the invaluable opportunity to engage with industry experts, gaining profound insights into the latest technological trends and best practices. Beyond the technical sessions, students experienced an immersive visit to the Microsoft Office, where they interacted with Microsoft employees and gained firsthand knowledge of the industry landscape. This experience not only broadened their understanding but also opened doors to potential internships and job opportunities. Gratitude was expressed to the Honourable Vice-Chancellor, Prof. (Dr.) Pragati Kumar for his support in fostering the industry visit. The successful execution of the event was made possible by the diligent efforts of Dr. Anil Bhardwaj (Head, SoECE), Event Organizer Dr. Manish Sabraj (Associate Professor, SoECE), guided by Mr. Ashish Suri (Assistant Professor, SoECE), and coordinated by Mr. Sanjay Kumar Sharma (Assistant Professor, SoCSE). Dr. Sabraj emphasized the significance of such initiatives in equipping students with practical knowledge, paving the way for promising careers in the tech industry. As a token of appreciation, each student received exclusive Microsoft goodies, symbolizing a memorable experience that transcended conventional learning. The event marked a significant milestone in the journey of academic excellence and industry collaboration, laying the foundation for future endeavors aimed at nurturing talent and driving innovation in the technology landscape.