DC Jammu launches Passenger Registration System, SMS Services to facilitate travellers

Deputy Commissioner Jammu, Sushma Chauhan

In order to keep systematic record of all passengers arriving at Jammu railway station and to inform these passengers about results of COVID-19 tests, that each passenger undergoes, Deputy Commissioner Jammu, Sushma Chauhan has formally launched IT enabled solutions along with mobile applications that are downloaded on handheld gadgets and mobile phones enabling officials manning entire process to do their job at ease and with precision, along with SMS based service for intimation of test results.

Giving details of the IT enabled services, DC said that a Control Room has been established at Railway Station Jammu which monitors the data being captured through mobile app on real time basis at the Railway Platform itself. Similarly, to facilitate people about their COVID-19 test results, SMS are sent to individuals on their mobile phones thereby streamlining the response mechanism.

She further informed that the system has proved to be very beneficial for informing the results to passengers as soon as they are provided to the district administration, by the health department and the test results are now being shared with the concerned persons on a near real-time basis. More than 75000 SMS have been pushed to individuals as on date through a customized software application as on date, she said.

The application “Passengers Registration Management System (PRMS)” and SMS services that are being put to use have been indigenously developed by NIC District Centre Jammu headed by Sanjay Gupta Technical Director & DIO Jammu. This system is a part of e-governance initiative and is supported by an android application. Tagging vehicles against each train passenger is another facility which has been provided in the PRMS as well as mobile app. After complete vehicle tagging, a detailed manifest of all passengers travelling in a bus can be generated, thus enabling smooth transportation of passengers arriving at Jammu Railway Station & bound for districts other than Jammu also.

PRMS works on a model of pre-existing data of all passengers travelling in the train, provided by IRCTC after preparation of charts by Railway authorities. This data is then searched by Mobile Application and updated into a central server and real time data and statistics can be monitored by authorities in the control room. Data of more than 16200 passengers has been captured through TPRMS and Mobile App so far.

Similarly, COVID-19 sample results are all fed into a single database from where it can be searched conveniently using proper login credentials. SMS facilities have been also integrated in the PRMS application through which SMS can be pushed to the concerned individual informing them about their sample results with minimum delay. Since the data is sensitive and is intending at maintaining privacy of individuals this application and the data as restricted access.

DC lauded the efforts of DIO NIC Jammu for designing, developing and implementing IT enabled solutions in the shortest possible time span and ensuring data precision to the core.