Murder of a 14-year old boy in Chatha village allegedly by four minor boys’ points to the disturbing trend among the adolescents. The child was murdered for the expensive mobile phone that his killers had their eyes on. The suspected killers were children of economic migrants from other parts of the country. If the police are on the right track of investigation in this gruesome murder, we all need to look into the phenomenon of migrant workers and their impact on the life of locals. Children of such parents are often left unattended and many end up with wrong habits. After the mass reverse migration of labourers from many parts of the country to their native places, it’s high time the government becomes sensitive to the needs of their children to grow properly. Mind you at four crores, the population of migrants in India is equal to the population of some European countries. Hence the system can’t leave a big chunk of young population rudderless. The new labour policy would have to look into the future of the children of the migrants.
The favourite Bollywood villain Sonu Sood has turned a hero for the lakhs of migrant workers stuck in the lockdown in Mumbai due to COVID-19 pandemic. His spirit of helping the hapless people is amazing and worth emulating as a strategy by the governments. By now we are also aware of a lot of work being done by actors for the people stuck on the lockdown due to being away from homes or loss of livelihoods but Sonu Sood’s humane approach to own up the migrants has touched everybody’s heart. Such heroes have not only saved their lives but also given dignity to the hapless human beings. The government should think of honouring warriors like Sood who had the option of living inside their homes and yet choose to be useful to others in such extraordinary times.