Pooja Hegde says her Instagram was hacked amid outrage over Samantha meme

Actor Pooja Hegde revealed that her Instagram account was hacked after unflattering memes about her colleague Samantha Ruth Prabhu were shared.
Samantha’s angry fans are not buying her explanation and it has prompted a Twitter trend #PoojaMustApologizeSamantha. On Monday night, Pooja put out a tweet that her Instagram had been hacked and was in the process of being retrieved. She urged her fans to not accept any invitations or pass out any personal information to the person asking.
She wrote, “Hi guys, so I’ve been informed by my team that my insta account has been hacked and my digital team is helping me with it. Please do not accept any invitations or pass out any personal information out to the person asking. Thank you.”

An hour later, which she spent “stressing,” the ‘Mohenjodaro’ star tweeted again to say the account was restored and that all activity in the while it had been hacked would be undone.
“Spent the last hour stressing about the safety of my Instagram account. Thanking my technical team for instant help at this hour. Finally, got my hands back on my Instagram Any message, follow back or post in d past hour from my account has been done will be undone. Ty,” tweeted Hegde.

The 29-year-old actor announced that her feed has been cleaned up now. Her most recent Instagram post is now one on pet food that she posted three days ago.
In Pooja’s tweets, there is no mention of Samantha.
According to the screenshots that are being circulated over social media, a meme of Samantha was posted from Pooja’s account. It read, “I don’t find her pretty at all.”
This tweet has triggered Samantha’s fans who have not been pacified by her explanation and are demanding that Pooja apologise, meanwhile Pooja’s fans say she has nothing to apologise for. (ANI)