The CATC-J1 camp at the Nagrota Training Academy witnessed an inspiring session as Dr. Juhie Mohan, an ex-NCC cadet and renowned RJ at 92.7 Big FM Jammu, addressed the cadets. Reconnecting with her roots, she shared her transformative journey from an NCC cadet to a celebrated radio jockey, emphasizing the profound impact of NCC values on her life and career.

With an air of nostalgic enthusiasm, Dr. Juhie Mohan recounted her days as an NCC cadet, vividly describing the camaraderie, discipline, and adventures that shaped her formative years. Her emotional connection with the cadets was palpable, creating a contagious atmosphere of motivation and pride. Through her life stories, she illustrated how the NCC experience instills enduring values that transcends time and shapes the future of its cadets.

Dr. Juhie spoke passionately about the core values of NCC—discipline, leadership, and service. She highlighted how these principles have been instrumental in her journey, guiding her through challenges and successes alike her journey from an NCC cadet to a coveted citizen and influential media personality serves as a testament to the transformative power of the NCC. She emphasized that the skills and values acquired during her cadet days have been fundamental to her success. “NCC taught me the importance of resilience and perseverance,” she said. “These values have been my guiding light, helping me navigate the ups and downs of life with unwavering confidence.”

Throughout her talk, Dr. Juhie encouraged the cadets to embrace the opportunities presented by NCC, urging them to participate wholeheartedly and absorb the invaluable lessons it offers. She reminded them that the experiences and values gained through NCC would not only shape their careers but also mold them into responsible and esteemed citizens of India.

While weaving the tapestry of nostalgic journey Dr. Juhie inspired cadets to champion water conservation, urging them to preserve this vital resource for future generations. Her impassioned call for ensuring their civic responsibility resonated with the cadets, emphasizing the critical role each individual plays in sustainable water management. She highlighted the urgency of the issue, encouraging proactive measures to be taken to minimize wastage and maximize efficiency.