Far from atoning for its sin of throwing the world into turmoil through COVID-19 Pandemic, China is showing belligerence and behaving like a rogue country. It’s opening too many fronts in quick succession without realizing that there is widespread anger against its irresponsible behaviour that has landed the humanity in a state of limbo and uncertainty and reprisals could follow. Taking it as business usual and showing off arrogance, China is trying to suppress the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong, bullying Taiwan as a global movement to get it recognized as a separate country is afoot. China is also trying to poison Nepal’s Communist government against India and also challenging Indian positions on the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh.

Are these situations Beijing’s panic reaction to the naked threats USA has been issuing to it as the cases of COVID-19 is on a constant rise in America. President Trump has almost threatened war. Entire Europe is at the brink of plunging into a recession; economies of other countries including India have been hit and millions of livelihoods lost. The Pandemic that started from Wuhan and was allowed to travel all around the world as China failed to alert WHO is unlikely to go away in the near future. This means the world has to brace for a longer haul and more deaths and infections.

China’s belligerence in Ladakh where it’s trying to rewrite the borderline along three points is shameful. On one hand, its premier Xing Ping is all honey and sugar with Narendra Modi and a high-level joint mechanism to tackle the unmarked border is in place, while in reality, Beijing has proved itself to be an unreliable friend or partner. It also explains why we have so many troops stationed in the former J&K State that the Pakistanis keep trumpeting against India. We have a very sweet sounding neighbour whom we don’t trust and it has proved India right once again.