Accession Day

The accession of Jammu and Kashmir to India thanks to the valiant Indian soldiers who nipped the first ever war waged by Pakistan through “non-state actors” in its history. The tribesmen from NWFP attacked J&K from Kashmir side and heaped atrocities on minorities. This was akin to barbarism for people who lived simple and peaceful lives till then. There were many locals who resisted the Pakistani lashkar and lost their lives in the process. The nation pays tribute to their valour and remembers them on the accession day. Pakistan can never be pardoned for what it did then and ended up dividing the people of J&K and ending up creating a dispute that was best avoidable. The 75 year old country’s efforts have gone into defending its illogical and misplaced claim on a territory that it had attacked within two months of it coming into existence. The result is for the rest of the world to see.