The Donald Trump administration has imposed visa curbs on the Chinese officials for human rights violations in Xinjiang province where the Chinese regime is seeking to wean away Uyghur Muslims from their religious beliefs. This move is a clear retaliation to Beijing’s role in spreading Coronavirus across the world and not raising alarm at the possibility of a pandemic. The Americans have hit China where it hurts the hardest. The entire Islamic block including Pakistan will be tongue-tied to speak against the US move. Already, the US Senate has passed a law banning the listing of Chinese companies that don’t comply with US regulations. America is retaliating against China in all possible ways.

Where does India stand in this scenario? India and China relations have been a story of love and hate. Since the war of 1962, India does not trust the dragon fully though both the countries have remained engaged in resolving their unmarked portions of their boundary and improving trade relations. While overall both the countries haven’t developed the complete trust of each other; the regimes in  New Delhi and Beijing have behaved in a matured way not allowing smaller issues to snowball into major ones.

China is again trying to show its fangs to India in Ladakh and through its proxy communist regime in Kathmandu. India is responding menacingly, for Chinese can never be trusted while at the same time both the countries are also trying to talk on specific issues. China has tried to open more fronts for itself like with Taiwan and in the South China Sea and tie itself in knots.

India cannot forget that China is a neighbour and therefore the distance from it completely. The country has to face global scrutiny for its role in origins and spread of pandemic and India has to be on the side of the rest of the world on this.