Indian Army organised Tuition classes and distribution of books & stationary To BPL Students at Gunda, Rajouri.

          Indian Army in its pursuit to uplift the standard of education in remote and under-developed areas of Rajouri, has conducted ‘Tuition Classes’ from 17 May 24 to 17 June 24 wherein books were also distributed to students of ‘Below Poverty Line Families’. Indian Army, in its unwavering commitment to education and community development, successfully concluded a series of Tuition Classes for students of Below Poverty Line (BPL) students residing at Gunda and its nearby villages.

The tuition classes provided valuable academic support, aiding students in understanding Key Concepts, improving their performance and building a strong foundation for future studies. Beyond academics, the classes focused on holistic development, instilling values of discipline, teamwork and leadership among the participating students. This initiative was to reach out to students from BPL families and ensuring that financial constraints did not hinder their educational progress. Students were awarded books and stationary items, symbolizing the successful culmination of the tuition program and acknowledging their commitment to learning. The closing ceremony marks not just the end of Tuition Classes but the beginning of a journey of ‘Knowledge and Empowerment’ for these students.