Pakistan continues to be shamed for supporting terrorism in the region and beyond as the latest report of the United Nations has talked about two proscribed outfits – Laskah-e-toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad that operate out of the country. Both these are named as outfits that have made  Afghanistan’s border areas as their base with a view to spreading violence and stalling the fragile peace process there. The link between the two terror organization and Pakistan’s deep state is no secret. The ISI plus Army of Pakistan have raised JeM and LeT as the extensions of the State machinery and made Jihad a war cry. This is happening in spite of the UN proscribing their chiefs Hafiz Saeed and Masood Azhar and Pakistan facing the prospectus of being blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force. Both India and Afghanistan have been blaming Pakistan for sending terrorists to stall normalcy and peace in their countries. India is in a better position to take on the Pakistan-sponsored terrorists as has been proved from the relentless campaign against them in Kashmir, the latest being the killing of a relative of Azhar Masood in south Kashmir. Even Afghan forces have shown tremendous resistance to the terrorists but in the war-torn country’s it’s much easier for terrorists to function and unleash mayhem.

The other worry is the alliance between the Taliban, the group that is swearing peace and normalcy in Afghanistan and yet maintaining close links with Al Al Qaeda.  Add to this the Haqqani network that does an open hatched job for Pakistan in Afghanistan, the scene is not conducive to peace and normalcy in the region. What is the point of making such reports by the United Nations if the world sits over them and the country behind these terror groups is allowed to carry out its business as normal? How long would the world put up with the State of Pakistan that uses terrorism as state policy?