CJM Reasi reject bail of employee who assaulted his senior

CJM Reasi Amarjeet Singh Langeh while rejecting bail application observed that during investigation thus far, would starkly show that petitioner/ accused not only locked himself in menacing bind with complainant but also assaulted and abused him in full glare of staff members of the office of the complainant besides ransacking the office. Pertinently, during virtual hearing, Investigating Officer divulged that when complainant and petitioner/ accused were present in police station during investigation, there also petitioner continued to show un-abated aggressive and intimidating behaviour towards complainant. Admittedly, complainant is Asstt. Labour Commissioner, Reasi discharging quasi-judicial function also in as much as adjudication of labour cases under the statute like Payment of Wages Act is concerned. The mayhem alleged to have been orchestrated and offensive unleashed by petitioner are not cloistered acts and ramifications thereof on public at large thus cannot be discounted. The impression that an orderly calls shot in an office and foists himself, indeed not only presents such office in bad light but also earns public distrust. Furthermore, the motive of petitioner as to why he has so conducted himself and are there some proxy hands pushing some unscrupulous agenda – are the circumstances stated to be under investigative radar and investigation therefore is at crucial stage. Besides, offences involved in the case are non-bailable in law. Considering entire gamut of circumstances as detailed out hereinabove, no case for bail is made out by petitioner at this stage. This application is therefore dismissed. Order accordingly.