China: Stuck in its cobweb

Dr. Kunwar Pushpendra Pratap Singh

China is increasing tensions with India at the border. In the Corona era, when the whole world is preparing to deal with the Corona crisis, what does China want to achieve through such provocative actions? The truth is that China is preparing to achieve several goals simultaneously by increasing tensions with India. China wants to divert the world’s attention from Corona, and one of the reasons for increasing the dispute with India is the India’s rise and increasing respect in world. Because of which all the big countries including United States of America are giving economic and strategic support to India.

   Call it a craze to show the power of a dragon or expansionist policy. China’s border dispute is going on with all its neighbors. China always shows eye to small countries, but showing eye to India will outweigh China. But even now, if China is increasing the dispute with India, there are many reasons for this.

How China (China) is plotting against India (India) and the reason for this conspiracy is the fear of China, because India is the only country that can respond to China’s bigotry in South Asia. After China’s buyout, India can become the world’s biggest economic power. There is a long list of Chinese conspiracies. At present, China is trying to engage India in the border dispute.

The trickster China is seen slipping his land in the world, and when China sees all the countries of the world, it can see all the qualities in India itself, which can beat it on the economic and strategic front. So is this the reason that China is now trying to confuse India in the border dispute.

China itself infiltrated Ladakh and made false accusations against Indian soldiers. Right now the soldiers of both the countries are face to face and are strengthening themselves. Nepal has also tried to create a border dispute with India by releasing a new map, but the mastermind of Nepal’s action is being considered as the dragon. Apart from this, in the territory of India, GilgitBaltistan, which has been illegally occupied by Pakistan, Chinese companies are also creating controversy by preparing for construction work.

At present, there is a Nepal Communist Party government in Nepal and China knows how much they love Communist parties. It is said that at the behest of China, two communist parties of Nepal joined hands and formed the Nepal Communist Party. This party won the election but now everything is not going well inside this party and the leadership battle in the party has come to dominate. This is why China is interfering in Nepal’s politics. For this reason, Nepal released a new map and declared the areas of India as its own.

In its official statement, China has described this whole dispute as a mutual issue between Nepal and India, but the truth is that the whole game is playing China from behind the scenes, Indian Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Narwane also indicated this.

Is China plotting to prove Nepal that it has border disputes with not only India but also neighboring countries. Apart from this, China is also increasing its activities in Ladakh. India is trying to suppress the territories, but India cleared its stand on China Dadagiri long ago. China can no longer take anything from India.

Recently China pushed and included Nepalese PM K.P. Sharma Oli in this mission, then Oli attacked India in his nasty speech given in the parliament. PM Oli said that Kalapani-Lipulekh and Limpiyadhura are in the trilateral Nepal-India-China and will be included in Nepal’s map at any cost. On 8 May, India inaugurated the Kailash Mansarovar Road Link in script, which Nepal had objected to. The new map of Nepal has received approval of the cabinet on Monday i.e., 18 May 2020. On this occasion, Oli maintained, “Now we will try to get these areas through diplomacy, if anyone is offended by our move, then we are not worried about it. We will present his claim on his land at any cost.”

India defended in response by asserting that the road construction has taken place in the Indian Territory itself, but given the close relationship with Nepal, it is in favour of resolving this issue through diplomatic means. India also said that both countries should now focus to successfully deal with the present pandemic of corona virus and later the border dispute will be negotiated. However, Nepal insists on talks at the earliest.

   Nepal asserts its claim on areas such as Kalapani, Lipulekh on the basis of the Sugauli Treaty of 1816, although it has lost the original copy of this important document. Also, Nepal does not have the original copy of the 1950 Peace-Friendship Treaty. Both these treaties are an important part of Nepal’s history and its foreign policy. This carelessness of Nepal will strengthen India’s favor.

   India has signed an agreement with China in 2015 to build a road from Uttarakhand to Mansarovar in Tibet. This road also passes through the script which Nepal claims. Nepal has opposed the agreement, asserting that building a road in scripture without Nepal’s consent is completely unacceptable. Sugauli Treaty was signed between Nepal and East India Company in the year 1816. After losing in a war with the East India Company, Nepal lost a lot of its share. After the end of the war, the Sugauli Treaty was signed by Parish Bradshaw on behalf of the company and Raj Guru Gajraj on behalf of Nepal and on the basis of this treaty the boundary line of British India and Nepal was fixed. In this treaty, the Mahakali river of Nepal was made the basis of the border between the two countries. However, in the last 200 years, the river changed its route many times, due to which the boundary dispute deepened. Due to the lack of original copies of old maps and documents, it has become even more difficult to resolve this border dispute.

    At the same time, the Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 1950 is very important for relations between Nepal and India. The treaty was signed between the then Rana regime of Nepal and the Government of India. Under this, both countries were asked to give equal status to Nepalease and Indians in most cases. However, some people in Nepal describe some terms of this treaty as unilateral and non-equal. On 22 July 2016, the investigation team that was formed to look into the matter told the Parliament of Nepal that the original copies of Sugauli Treaty and Nepal-India Friendship Treaty are missing from the country.

    In 2016, when the talks between the two countries’ special representatives (Eminent Persons Group) were held to renew the relations between Nepal and India and to change the 1950 Treaty of Friendship, the original documents were not presented by Nepal. The friendship treaty was signed by the then Prime Minister of Nepal Mohan Shmsher and the Indian Ambassador to Nepal Chandeshwar Prasad Narayan Singh.

China is also plotting in Gilgit-Baltistan with the government of Pakistan. For the construction of a dam here, a Chinese government company has signed a contract worth Rs 442 billion, on which India has raised strong objections.

Along with India, China has increased the dispute with countries like Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan. After the Corona scandal, the countries of Europe and America are also angry with China, have also threatened Australia for demanding an investigation on Corona and talking about not buying goods from China. This means that this enmity of China from all over the world will only benefit India.

Overall, the world, which has been troubled by the tricks of China, is engaged in arranging the dragon. China is feeling that it is enveloping the world in its Chakravyuh but the truth is that it is getting entangled in the Chakravyuh itself.

(Dr. Kunwar Pushpendra Pratap Singh is the expert of India-Nepal relationships and International relations. He did his Ph.D. on ‘Role of Mass Media in Development of Nepal Since 1947’ from Centre for the Study of Nepal, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.)