Pak and terror

Pakistan has continued to remain on the list of countries that are targeted for censure and intense scrutiny by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) for being non-compliant with global order to check the terror financing. The country has been on the grey list of the FATF since June 2018. The status has further jeopardized its economy and image of state that raises terrorists. However, after all this, Islamabad is demurring on taking action against the LeT patron Hafiz Saeed and the likes of him. Saeed and so many others are UN designated terror entities and it’s obligatory for Pakistan to take action against them and prosecute them in a court of law. FATF, for a change, is not a mere talking body; it lets a country off the grey list only after seeing it change laws and implement them. Pakistan has to make a choice between eulogizing Hafiz Saeeds or taking the country on the path of growth and progress.